In our response to Covid-19, we have been able to implement several measures to help the community through different ways such as;

  • Covid-19 Awareness programs such as Hand washing and Sanitation Campaigns
  • Provision of Masks
  • Distribution of food through partnerships (Red Cross)
  • Provision of Soaps
  • Cash Tokens to Vulnerable Families

       Some of the homes are faced by difficult challenges which make their lives harder, the challenges inlclude;

  1. Unemployment – Most of the employers stopped them to avoid contacting the virus because figures from Ministry of Health showed that Kibera was worst hit area by the pandemic.
  2. Health Issues – Most of the homes had hardships meeting the financial requirement needed to get the required medical attention.
  3. Poverty – Some homes had more members (up to 9) which makes it difficult for guardians to adequately meet their needs
  4. Distribution of Sanitary Towels to Vulnerable girls.