Effects of Covid-19


Boniface lives with his old grandmother who works as a house help. With the outbreak of Covid-19 his grandmother was forced to stop working as most employers lay off their house helps because they fear that in the process of coming to work and going back home they will contract Covid-19 hence infecting their families.

Life has become difficult as there is no source of income and this forced the boy to start doing manual work for pay, he fetches water for people who pay him Ksh.10 for a 20litre jerry can. The money he earns he buys food for them to eat and other basic needs. His grandmother is just in the house she has tried to look for another job but in vain due to her old age. Sometimes Boniface lacks a customer to fetch water for and when he gets the amount raised is not enough for their needs, this forces them to go hungry.


He is the first born in a family of 7 children and lives with his mother and step father. His father used to work as a painter but unfortunately the company he used to work for lay him off after decreased market due to Covid-19, his mother recently gave birth this made her to withdraw from scale business she was doing. As per the moment his parents are jobless, this has forced Stephen to step up and help his family.

He has taken up a job together with his younger brother whereby they sell breads for a retailer and then they are paid a commission of Ksh.3 for bread sold of which bread cost Ksh.40. They sell these breads very early in the morning and late in the evening, when he is not selling bread Stephen fetches water for people in order to be paid. The earnings from these is not enough as they are a big family.