Girl child and Women empowerment program

The Girl child and Women empowerment program has been running since 2002. Currently Stara has 50 HIV/AIDs children, 30 HIV-positive mothers/guardians and 20 aged people. Both the pupils and mothers receive counselling and group therapy.

The mothers come to Stara school every Tuesdays and  Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 pm for various activities such as school clean-up and craft work. They are trained to do bead work, basket making, detergent soap and jewellery. The finished items are shown and sold to visitors at the centre. Some of the income from the products is kept in a savings account in case the members need any financial assistance such as buying water, cater means of transport to hospital whilst the rest is used to buy more materials to continue the business.


Through our program, the HIV positive mothers, children and guardians have accepted their status and are living positively.

Challenges Facing HBC Program

  • Despite having knowledge in weaving baskets and the bead work, we lack adequate capital and market for our products.
  • Majority of the HIV-positive/aged people need food ration to carry home since they are unemployed.
  • Lack of funds to cater for training/sensitizing the HIV-positive clients.