ROSEBELLAH IMINZA was born in a family of seven but she was raised by my grandmother at  age of 8years, this is after her parents separated. His father was a drunkard and most of the times after drinking he would turn out to be violent. He neither provided for their basic needs nor even paid their school fees.

Her grandmother was too old and jobless thus she wasn’t in a position to educate her. This poverty situation led to separation among their siblings so her aunt took her in and promised to help her continue with her education, She felt very happy as someone had come to her rescue.

She took her to school for one term but thereafter she started complaining that Rosebella was becoming a burden to her and she wasn’t able to cater for her needs considering that she had her own children to take care of. This caused Rosebella to drop out of school to help her with some chores, life became difficult and she lost hope in her dream of becoming a lawyer.

After a while her cousin who lives in Nairobi came and took her promising to educate her, She moved to Nairobi and joined a nearby school for one year. Suddenly things changed the Aunt started mistreating her to do the entire house work including selling groceries in a small shop. She used to call her names with a lot of abuses. She could send her to the shop in the middle of the night. Neighbors used to see this mistreatment and they tried to intervene by talking to her but she said she was at fault. One night she told her to look for another place to stay as they were moving to another place and couldn’t live with her anymore; that same night she was send   to go look for eggs, It  was already late and some of the shops were closed after coming back she found her  belongings thrown out and the house  empty with no one to inside.

She had nowhere to go and started wandering in the streets but fortunately a stranger took her in and offered her a place to sleep that night. The next day she took her to a police station where she narrated her story and recorded a statement and was taken to MACODEP children’s home who brought her to Stara Rescue Centre and School.

At Stara she found a new home which everyone understood her and was able to complete her primary education. Stara through Swiss Association awarded her scholarship to high school and as at now is in good Provision high school in form three. She is working hard to achieve her dream in life of becoming a lawyer and fight for the rights of neglected children and make sure those mistreat them are held accountable.

She is really grateful and indebted to Stara for this success journey.