Stara Demolition

Stara Rescue Center, Kibera. The orphans didn’t matter, children of single moms didn’t matter, hopeful street children didn’t matter – the police didn’t just care & the excavator operator didn’t give a damn – orders from above? This was on 7/10/2020 – time flies. There was urgency, emergency – no notice – this place belonged! to Kenya Railways. Down! went the kitchen, feeding center, the food store, the toilets and a room where the center kept basic medicines and ARVs. Down! went a unique center  for Education and Protection set up a way back in 1994 and formally planned for. The Railway bosses had even put up, on the same site  foundation for the school – before they “ran out of funds”. Down! went Stara Rescue Center off Karanja Road, in Makina, Kibera. The Orphans didn’t matter, children of single moms didn’t matter, the authorities just didn’t care – the Center went down in rubble, despite plies from founding members of Stara Peace Women Organization and today over 500 children are school-less, helpless. A haven for children in need no more.